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Asa Lenon Weasel Catch, Lenon Weasel Lure, Lenon Weasel Super All Call Lure -

Picture of Asa and and his Brother Herb Lenon many years ago with fine mess of weasel using Lenon's Weasel Super All Call developed by their dad in the 1920's

Weighing in at between 1 and 2 ounces the Least Weasel is the smallest of Michigan’s Furbearing Animals.  And just a tad heaver we have a full grown Ermine weighting up to a whopping 4 ounces and measuring up to 12 inches long.  Both are referred to as weasels by trappers, but obviously the Ermine is more sought after and at times brings a decent price.  In todays market one would be better off finding a taxidermist or crafter that wanted the weasel pelts.  The Weasel is found throughout Michigan’s forest, fields and water edges.

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