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I’m happy to report that the 2017 / 2018 trapping season was both a very enjoyable and a safe one. The furs I caught did not financially make me rich but the memories on the trap line and time spent with family and friends enjoying my favorite pastime were beyond worth. I had many checks on Saturdays with my grandchild Tobyn were we had red fox and one with an otter. I can also report plenty of seed left as many a fox and coyote outwitted me. There were few other trappers encountered in the forest.

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I still remember seeing that old beaver cutting in Hogan's Marsh down the road from the American Legion Hall when I was a school boy.  It would be more than a decade until I actually harvested a beaver in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula.  Today I look forward every winter to a good pot of Beaver Stew  and gathering beaver castor for my animal lure making activities.  It is just a bonus for me if the price is up on the beaver pelt.  Hopefully this article will help you a little if you are a beaver trapper or perhaps...

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Sometimes in Michigan the only time we can trap muskrat, mink, raccoon, otter and beaver in open water that is not frozen is during the Month of November.  Please check the Michigan Hunting and Trapping rule book to see when your water trapping season opens in your zone, I believe all zones are open to water trapping by the end of November.  One can catch water animals after the lakes and rivers freeze however I’ve always enjoyed running a canoe or boat line prior to the deep winter freezes.  Of course in the last decade we have seen many a...

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