Andy Stoes Speed Dip Quart Black or Brown

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Andy Stoes Speed Dip Quart Black or Brown

Andy Stoe's Speed Dip has been formulated to put a protective film on any steel trap. This protective film puts a hard protective coat on the trap to keep it from rusting. Depending on humidity the dip will dry in 2 - 3 days. It is suggested that you do this on days with low humidity and dip the traps 1-2 months in advance if you are using them for land trapping. This will give the gas odor a chance to dissipate before making your trapping sets. 

How to use Andy Stoe's Speed Dip to dip my traps
Mix 1 quart of Speed Dip to 1 gallon of unleaded gas, Coleman fuel or mineral spirits. Put mix the solution in a bucket. Dip your traps into the solution, make sure they are evenly coated, remove the traps, and hang to dry.

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