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Coyote trapping on a river, River Trapping in a Boat -

I use a small boat or canoe to trap rivers in Michigan until about the middle of December.  Years ago while I was living in the U.P. I floated a small river in a canoe with a friend named Rick in January.  Rick had never checked traps before and while we were snowshoe rabbit hunting with my father, he talked me into checking my river line one more time in January.  So we set out on a cold clear morning floating the Sturgeon River on a day trip.  Well this was before the internet and reliable weather forecast.  All was good and memory has us catching a good number of beaver before it got real cold, windy and snowy.  The first stretch of river was rocky and shallow with a fast current, but as we approached the wider and slower moving section half way through our trip, the river began to ice over. 

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