Recommended Beaver and Otter Traps

Recommended Sized Traps for Beaver and Otter Trapping

John with some nice beaver and otter using using Lenon's Beaver Super All Call Lure and Lenon's Otter Super All Call Lure

Beaver & Otter  Traps are available in Body Grip Traps, Coil Spring Traps, Long Spring Traps and Under Spring Traps by a number of different manufactures.  Most foothold traps manufactured for beaver and otter trapping today are the Coil Spring and long spring type traps.  I still use my old long spring and under spring jump traps while beaver and otter trapping and for a current buyer of traps they are an alternative and available on the used trap market and on ebay.

I have used all of the following manufactures traps Minnesota Brand Traps, Bridger Traps, and Duke Traps.  There are several other manufactures of Beaver Traps and I have not used them but heard they all will do the job.  On the used traps I prefer Blake & Lamb Number 4 Long spring trap and Number 4 Underspring Jump Traps all can be found on Ebay

When picking the size of coil spring traps, long spring and under spring jump traps to use for beaver and otter trapping a number of variables come in to play.

1.) For the most part you will want the largest body grip traps size 330 and Number 5 Long Spring and Number 5 Coil Spring traps as they have the weight to help humanely drown your catch quickly and size to hold the large back foot of beaver.

2.) Closed Jaw Traps are the only recommended by my experience and at times I have held both a trapped otter and beaver by just a toe which would have got out of a offset type trap.

3.) Most coil spring traps are available with 2 coils or 4 coils.   It is my experience that 2 coil traps are more than enough in strength for beaver and otter trapping.  Also if they weaken from years of use one can turn them into 4 coil traps and they will be strong enough again.

5.) Every State has trapping regulations and it is your responsibility to make sure you are using a trap legal in your state.

One of my favorite traps is the Bridger Number 5 Coil spring while trapping Beaver and Otter in Michigan.

The following table will summarize some good choices for new and used traps for Beaver and Otter Trapping 

Trap Size Jaw Spread Brand Type Available Jaws
Minnesota Trapline Products   Minnesota Trapline Products    
MB - 750 Check with Manufacture Minnesota Trapline Products Coil Spring Closed
Bridger Traps   Bridger Traps    
5 Various check with Manufacture Bridger Traps Coil Spring Closed
330 Check with Manufacture Bridger Traps Body Grip NA
Duke Traps        
5 Various check with Manufacture Duke Traps Long Spring Closed
330 Various check with Manufacture Duke Traps Body Grip NA

"Thank YOU Trappers for making us your top choice for the past 100 years!" Lenon Lures®

Lenon's Beaver Super All Call Lure

Lenon's Otter Super All Call Lure

Ebay carries all of Lenon Lures® products and is a great place to find deals on all kinds of used and new traps & equipment for Beaver and Otter trapping at great prices. 

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