Lenon Lures Customers Catches

Going forward Lenon Lures is going to post any pictures our customers would like to have posted on www.lenonlures.com.   If you would like to share your photos email john.chagnon@lenonlures.com the photo and brief description of your catch.

First in memory and honor of our founder of Lenon Lures, Herb Lenon poses with a nice Bobcat, Wolf and Coyote caught in the 1950's.  

Nice Bunch of spring beaver 2024 by Bill Northern Michigan.  Bill provides me with some really fine beaver castor for making our Lenon's Beaver Super All Call Lure

Nice bunch of spring beaver Lenon Lures Bill Northern Michigan
Below Jon Smith Virginia Trapper shows us a nice bunch of bobcat trapped using Lenon Lures Baits, Lures and Urines
Jon Smith Virginia with 2024 nice catch of Bobcat Using Lenon's Bobcat Super all call lure scent

Congratulations to Luke "From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan"  for some great catches. I met this bright young man and his father at the UP Conventions a couple years ago.  This guy is going to keep UP fur population under control in the future.  Watch out old timers.

Luke Beaver & Muskrats

Red Fox Luke From the UP

Ryan form Washington, Michigan Shared his November 2017 1st Coyote Catch

Hey Mr.Chagnon it’s Ryan thank you for teaching me everything on how to catch coyotes it really paid off with my first catch on my 3rd dirt hole set with the 550 RC with the coyote super all call.

1st Coyote Lenon's Super All Call

Brad Erickson of UP Michigan should be very proud of this magnificent 48 lb Bobcat caught using a dirt hole set armed with Lenon's Bobcat Super All Call 2016 -17 season.

Bobcat Caught on Lenon's Bobcat Super All Call Lure UP Michigan 2017

Sam Wood and Justin are long time Lenon Lure users and were the first to get us a bunch of pictures in 2016.  You can view more catches by clicking here!

Serious Part Time PA Trappers shares his secret for catching Red Fox in PA.

Customer Catch of Red Fox in PA Using All Three Lenon Lure Fox Lures

Sheri Chagnon and Grandchild Tobyn Slater with nice Coyote caught using Lenon's Coyote Super Range All Call Lure.

Sheri Chagnon with Grandchild Tobyn Slater with Nice Michigan Coyote using Lenon's Super All Call Lure

Skyle Goode, Wisconsin shows a nice Weasel caught in a Victor Rat Trap baited / lured with Lenon's Weasel Super All Call Lure / Scent.


Thank you for sharing Andy Hughes, 

Thanks again John your lures and baits are awesome. I have successfully caught two bobcats now, releasing both of them and two coyotes with your lures awesome stuff, had 4 days of rain the lures still held strong and worked perfectly... thanks again Andy Hughes!

Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call Lure doing its job in New Mexico - Thank you for sharing Joshua!

New Mexico Muskrats Caught Using Lenon Muskrat Super All Call Lure

John Chagnon with nice Michigan bobcat caught using his favorite Lenon's Bobcat Nature Call.



Dakota a fine young Michigan Trapper proudly displaying his season catch 2017.  Always a pleasure when Dakota and his father visit us at trapping shows and at the shop.  Nice Bobcat one of two that Dakota Released in 2017.




Trappers check out our Dvd's Video on Trapping Furbearing Animals Herbert Lenon's Trapping video 

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Herbert Lenon and John Chagnon Trapping and Fur Handling Videos Dvd's

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