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Welcome to the home of LENONLURES.COM.  In January of 2016 Asa & Maria Lenon transferred to John S. Chagnon, The Lenon trapping lure formulas for twelve various animal species known as Lenon's "Super All Call", "Super Range All Call." and Nature's Call, and all rights to advertise and market these lures using the name Lenon's and / or Asa Lenon's / Herb Lenon's lure formulas.  All lure that we sell are manufactured and bottled by John S. Chagnon and Family using the original formulas mentioned above.

I'm very honored to be chosen by the Lenon Family to carry their great Lenon Lure Brand forward.  My family has been in the trapping supply business for 20 years and trapper's as far back as I can remember.   I am very glad that I took the time to have many many cups of coffee with my dear friends Asa and Maria Lenon over the years, as it is those found memories that will provide me with the strength to carry the business forward close to the way it has been for nearly a century.

In February 2016 Mr. Asa Lenon asked me to announce to the world the transfer of the business.



Above picture Asa Lenon and John Chagnon in the Lenon Lure room in Gulliver, Mi   Asa Lenon taught John Chagnon how to make all the Lenon Lure Formulas as they have been made for nearly a century.

Update 12/7/2019 Lenon Animal Lures on Facebook - Share a picture of your favorite catch or drop us a comment.  

Update 2/11/2018 :  Testimonials from customers continue to be sent to me and I'm so proud that Mr. Lenon gets to see his dad and his legacy carried forward.  Together Mr. Lenon and I have brung Lenon's Wolf Nature Call and Lenon's Skunk Super All Call back on the market.


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