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The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs by James Churchill 197 Pages

The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs by James Churchill 197 Pages

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The most comprehensive, easy-to-follow information available on do-it-yourself tanning techniques and tools ...

The Complete Book of


Skins and Furs

James Churchill

Here is everything you need to know to make soft leather and dressed furs from the skins of small and large furbearers, domestic animals, reptiles, and birds.  Organization is by specific animals, including:

rabbit raccoon calf
squirrel fox goat
woodchuck cow coyote
deer wolf bear
horse moose otter
elk badger bull
weasel fisher alligator
mink wildcat birds
muskrat sheep fish
skunk beaver snakes

     In addition to covering all types of skins, beginning with those of small animals and graduating to larger, more difficult projects.  THE COMPLETE BOOK OF TANNING also details the tools and equipment necessary for each.  Information on making your own tools and tanning solutions is also provided. 

     Whether you're a newcomer to tanning or and an experienced hand, this is an invaluable guide to every facet of the age-old art.  With this how-to reference handy, you can learn to make a number of leather and fur products that are useful and decorative.

     Tanning is a functional art dating to Indian times.  In THE COMPLETE BOOK OF TANNING SKINS AND FURS, author James Churchill recaptures the skill of those days with the most comprehensive set of how-to's available for making soft leather and dressed furs today.

     Beginning with a small animal such as a rabbit or squirrel, the step-by-step instructions show and tell you how to:

     * Peel off the skin
     * Flesh it to remove every bit of meat and fat
     * Hang the green hide for drying
     * Mix the correct tanning solution for soaking
     * Apply a coating of oil
     * "Work" the flesh side until soft
     * Clean the fur with sawdust or cornmeal 
     * Sand the flesh side and rub with oil.

     Tips and sequential illustrations enhance each project and lay the groundwork for tanning other small furbearers, large furbearers, reptiles, birds, and thin- and thick-skinned domestic animals.  Churchill's easy-reference format includes a range of specific animals from alligator to wildcat, including deer, moose bear, elk, raccoon, fox, beaver, and even mule, bull, fish and snake.

     The tools and equipment necessary for tanning are also listed and explained.  Churchill introduces skinning knives, fleshing blades, fleshing beams, various tanning solutions, and other aids along with the techniques in which they're used.  Among the procedures discussed are: selecting skins for special uses, softening the skin, skinning deer and making buckskin, tanning heavy skins, deciding if a hide is "prime", storing hides to avoid spoilage, cleaning fur, and making rawhide.

     In addition, THE COMPLETE BOOK OF TANNING AND FURS goes one step further in providing instructions for a number of practical uses.  Bear skins, which can be made into beautiful rugs or wall hangings that last a lifetime and are profitable on the resale market as well, are treated into unique wall decorations is also included, as are how-to's of making gloves, boots, moccasins, jackets, and more.

     Interesting background information adds to this comprehensive portrait of tanning.  Facts on animal skins--what they are made of and why they can be preserved-- precedes specific instructional sections, and a chapter on pioneer tanning methods thoroughly examines the roots of this art in Indian life.

     In these pages, Churchill gives you the means to make the most of each "catch", using tanning skills that can equal those of professionals.  Tanning also makes a satisfying craft for beginners or accomplished tanners who would like to try working with different types of animal skins or creating new products.  This is a complete guide of simple instructions you can refer to again and again in preserving animal skins for years of future use and enjoyment.

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