Links of Interest to Trappers

Links of Interest to Trapper's

Monthly Articles with Tips on Trapping by John Chagnon 

New 12/7/2019 Lenon Animal Lures on Facebook - Check us out on Facebook!  Post a pic of your favorite catch or drop us a note.  

Fur Life TV - by Bryan & Toni Flowers View 12 great all trapping shows.  Past Episodes can be viewed online at .  I had the opportunity to trap a couple days with Bryan this December and I learned a lot from his 40 + years of trapping experience.  Watch for 15 new episodes starting in January 1st 2018.

Videos: Links to Videos using Lenon Animal Lures - Beaver Trapping Video - Raccoon Trapping Video Dog Proof Traps

TrappingToday.comInformative trapping website run by young man from the great state of Maine.  Jeremiah

Trapper and Predator Caller Magazine: Another magazine that I check out every month.  Was a favorite magazine of mine during the 70's when I was a school boy trapper dreaming of being a Fur Buyer and Lure Maker.  

Free Current Full Issue of Trapper and Predator Caller Magazine Online - 56 Pages Jammed full of how to trap furbearing animals articles, current fur market report, new trapping products and of coarse a full ad on Page 55 with Lenon Animal Lures and Trappers Instructional Dvd's.  Lenon Lures today supports the Trapping Industry just like Herb Lenon our founder did nearly a century ago.  Click here to view an old Lenon Animal Lure Ad. : A bunch of trappers helping trappers!  A great place to get information on trapping.  Also the place to get Dobbin’s Lures, Trapping Books and Videos.

Fur Fish Game Magazine: Great Trapping, Fishing and Hunting Magazine published since the 1920's.  The founder of Lenon's Lures Herbert Lenon advertised and wrote articles for this great magazine through the years.  We will also advertise and write in the coming years in Fur Fish and Game to continue to promote are quality lure brand.

Trapper's Post Magazine Trapper's Post is published and edited by leading writer and trapper Bob Noonan.  I look forward to the National Trapper's Convention just to get a good conversation with Mr. Noonan.  His magazine is great reading.

American Trap Talk : Another Good Forum about trapping.  

Sam Wood Outdoors - Great trapping, hunting and fishing videos on Youtube.  Sam is a life long Lenon Lures user.  Click here to see his 2016 catch and watch his channels for video coverage.  All filmed in the great state of Wisconsin.  Great Job Sam.

National Trappers Association : Please support the National Trapper's Association.  Their website has links to most state trapper's associations and a lot of good trapping information.

Trappers check out our Dvd's Video on Trapping Furbearing Animals Herbert Lenon's Trapping video 

Herbert Lenon and John Chagnon Trapping and Fur Handling Videos Dvd's

Purchase all of Lenon Lures and John Chagnon Videos and DVDS

Herbert Lenon and John Chagnon Trapping and Fur Handling Videos Dvd's

Ebay Deals on Trapping Supplies

Ebay carries all of Lenon Lures® products and is a great place to find deals on all kinds of used and new traps & equipment for coyote, fox, bobcat and wolf trapping at great prices. 

 Follow the links below to some more great trapping information on Lenon Lures website ...   


  • Secrets of Successful Trapping Fox, Coyote, Bobcat Trapping by Herb Lenon
  • Beaver and Otter Trapping Book Online by Herbert Lenon
  • Mink and Muskrat Trapping Book Online by Herbert Lenon 
  • Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk and Weasel Trapping Book Online by Herb Lenon
  • Herb Lenon Trapper's Hall of Fame Article
  • Herb Lenon 1947 Full Page Ad in Fur Fish Game Magazine
  • How To Trap Fox & Coyote - Herb Lenon and Asa Lenon
  • Mink Trapping by Herb Lenon Article 1946
  • Trapper's Bible of Trapline Secrets, Sets and Knowledge by Herb Lenon
  • Monthly Tips on How To Trap by John Chagnon & historical writings Herb and Asa Lenon of Lenon Lures