Animal Glands Wanted

Animal Glands Wanted

Pricing as of 1/1/2019

Cash or Credit

Questions or before you ship call John Chagnon after 6:30 P.M. at 989-876-2646 or email


We will send any trapper a FREE copy of Herb Lenon's Classic Trapping Dvd if they sell us more than $75.00 in Glands, Castor or Quill.  Limit one Free Dvd per household.

Pure Skunk Quill $15.00 Per oz.

Beaver Castor Dried $75.00 Per lb.

Beaver Castor Green $35.00 Per lb.

Beaver Castor is trimmed clean with no meat or fat attached to the castors.  

Coyote Glands $65.00 Gallon, Red Fox Glands $100.00 Gallon and Grey Fox Glands $75.00 Gallon, Badger Glands $75.00 Gallon, Otter Glands $75.00 Gallon  - Include anal glands, hock glands, urine bladder, sex organs and neck glands  Freeze Fresh Send to us in plastic jars with screw lidgs.

Mink Glands - Anal glands only.  Freeze fresh. $100.00 Per Gallon

Muskrat Glands - Spring Rats  Freeze Fresh $75 Quart


Please ship glands on Monday

Only fresh glands wanted

Beaver & Muskrat Carcasses Wanted 

Must be delivered frozen to our Michigan Address

Beaver Gutted Carcasses $2.00

Muskrat Gutted Carcasses 25 Cents

The following glands wanted only if traded for Lenon Lures Products

Weasel Glands $25.00 oz. Fresh Frozen