What our customers say about Lenon's Lures

We continue to have customers tell us how successful they are using Lenon Lures

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Nice Bobcat 2018 Customer From Colorado

Another Customer for Life First Night Lured with Lenon's Bobcat Lure 2/10/2018

What our customers say about Lenon's Lures - Asa Lenon's Records

> All three of your fox lures really put fur on the stretchers!  Have been using them since 1937!  I've tried others but was always disappointed & ashamed of myself! F.D., Kentucky.

>Only good lure makers can get my order!  Your lures proved themselves again last year!  C.F., Wisconsin

>Have been using your fine Coyote lures since 1950.  They worked then and they still work today! P.R., Montana.

>Used your Bobcat lure last year with amazing results!  No other cat lure ever made can compare!  H.N., Texas

>Lenon's Lures are the best ever made!  They are what a man would call "top of the line!"  G.W., North Carolina

>Your Coyote #2 really works in 30 degree below zero weather.  It gave me plenty of good prime fur last season!   D.S., Alaska

>Last year was my first year using your lures and methods.  The results were great with everyone used.  J.K., Ohio.

>I have used your lures for 35 years and run 100 to 125 fox and as many as 83 mink per year! H.M.   Wisconsin

>Your muskrat raccoon & mink lures get me a lot of extra fur this past year.  Keep up the good work!.  A.B., Iowa.

>I use all three of your mink lures on my long lines.  They really make a big difference in my catch! L.R., New York.

>we trap coyote that are damaging livestock.  Caught 100+ this year with your three coyote lures! J.K., Mississippi.

>Your fox & coyote lures are by far the best I've ever used!  Have been a customer for thirty years.  B.K., Minnesota.

>Have been pleased with all my orders.  All your lures are 100% effective & excellent producers! M.M., Minnesota.

>Used lots of lures, but yours are best! C.D., Alabama.

>No lure beats fox #1 and Fox #3! H.H., Pennsylvania

>have used all your lures for years with a lot better success than any others on market. J.T., Pennsylvania.

>Your Raccoon Super All Call is absolutely fantastic!  I more than doubled my catch this past season! P.D., Missouri.

>I thought all beaver lures were the same until I tried your Beaver Super All Call.  Its great stuff!  F.R., Michigan.

>Sure am satisfied with all of your lures!  T.L., N. Dakota.

>I've never used anything like your muskrat lure!  Believe me, you have a customer for life!  O.M., Wisconsin.

>Customer for 50 years, need I say more? I.J., Illinois.

>Lenon''s Muskrat Super All Call not only drives rats crazy but is also the best raccoon lure I've ever used. T.O, Iowa