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2 Dvd Set Herb Lenon Classic Trapping & John Chagnon Water Trapping Video

2 Dvd Set Herb Lenon Classic Trapping & John Chagnon Water Trapping Video

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1st Dvd Herbert Lenon Classic Trapping Filmed in 1930's

Silent Film

Eleven Sets & Locations for Wolf, Coyote and Fox

* Old Indian Set in Sand
* Old Indian Set in Clay
* Blind Scent Set
* Scent Post Set
* Natural Scent Post Set in deep snow demonstrating the Snow Spoon in use.
* Trail Set in Snow
* Bait Trail Set in deep snow.
* Under Track Set in deep snow
* All Winter, All Weather Set that is fail-proof all season.
* Locking Snare Set in deep snow.


* Mink Trapping  - Five effective professional sets used by the pros.
* Muskrat Trapping - Four good basic sets.
* Beaver Trapping - Three old-time favorite sets.
* Weasel Trapping - Two weather-proof sets.

Learn trapping today...from a famous master of the past! This video has been transferred from original 8mm movie film produced from 1937 to 1940 by Herb Lenon. The films were made for training trappers during Herb’s employment as a Michigan State Trapper Instructor and used to help other trappers for many years thereafter. The most intense instructions ever available to you! See Herb personally demonstrate secret sets and locations that made him the outstanding trapper of his time. Each excellent clarity black and white instruction scene of this rare vintage silent film has been carefully edited and captioned by Herb to ensure it is thoroughly understandable. Many of the best trappers of the past century learned from these films, now you can too! Herb was inducted into “The Trapper & Predator Caller Hall Of Fame” in 1981, “The National Trappers Association Hall Of Fame” in 1994 and the “Michigan Trappers Hall Of Fame” in 1995 for his lifetime of outstanding dedication to the trapping fraternity. Herb’s life story as a consummate professional trapper has been featured in “The Trapper & Predator Caller” and “Michigan Out-of-doors”  magazines. Not many trappers have ever been recognized with this respect and high honor. You will want to see this classic video over and over again! This 55 minute DVD includes: Fox, Coyote & Wolf trapping...39 intense minutes demonstrating various sets and locations with 16 minutes devoted to seven deep snow sets and techniques. Mink, Muskrat, Beaver & Weasel trapping...16 minutes demonstrating several professional old-time sets and techniques for each animal. Don't miss you chance to learn from the "old master" this is a collectors item for any trapper. Legendary Herb Lenon teaching you how to trap!


Water Trapping DVD with John Chagnon - Beaver, Otter, Muskrat, Mink and Raccoon Trapping Instructions.

Deep in the heart of Michigan, John Chagnon takes you on a water trapping adventure. While trapping inland waters and the mighty AuSable River, John explores the proper techniques and methods for harvesting aquatic furbearers.

I has been trapping for over 40 years. And am native of the UP of Michigan, and an avid hunter, trapper and fisherman. In this video I invite you along on my water line for a variety of aquatic furbearers. This is 100 minutes of pure water trapping!

I trapped in my younger years the same territory that Asa and Herb Lenon Trapped in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Asa was always and still is there to guide me in my trapping ventures.


  • Beaver
  • Otter
  • Muskrat
  • Mink
  • Raccoon
  • Water Locations
  • Baits and Lures
  • Boat Trapping
  • Water sets for body grip and foot hold traps
  • Proper Dispatch Techniques

John & Sheri Chagnon and Grandchild pose with catch during the year the Canine, Water, Fur Handling Dvd was filmed.   Lenon Lures Used of Coarse.

Herbert Lenon wrote 4 trapping books in the 1930's and 1940's all of which can be viewed and enjoyed for FREE.   We hope you enjoy the classic trapping methods perfected by Herb Lenon.

Book 1: The Secrets of Successful Trapping by Herbert Lenon Wolf, Coyote, Fox, and Bobcat Trapping Book 

Book 2: Beaver and Otter Trapping by Herbert Lenon Book

Book 3: Mink and Muskrat Trapping by Herbert Lenon Book

Book 4: Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk and Weasel Trapping Book


Photo John, Sheri Chagnon and Grandkid Catch During Filming DVD

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