3 Package of Lenon Lures Water Trapping Muskrat, Mink & Raccoon Lures 1 oz

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  • Three Great Lenon's Water Animal Lures 1 oz
  • 1 Each Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call - Muskrat Lure / Scent 1 oz. Jar - Muskrats really go for this powerful and unique aroma of intensely sweet aromatics, essential oils, muskrat musk, and a remarkable secret ingredient used by no other lure maker! Once you see the results of this totally waterproof, thick paste lure you will never trap without it! We have received thousands of testimonials on this fantastic lure! Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call It's an amazing Raccoon lure too!
  • 1 Each Lenon's Mink Super All Call – Mink Lure / Scent 1 oz. Jar This thick and long lasting paste lure contains the mink’s favorite freshly preserved foods blended with secret ingredients, a hint of pure mink glands and an enrager musk from a natural enemy that will anger mink beyond the point of caution. Many years of experimentation go into this high quality old-time formula! Superb results at any set, no added bait needed to make it more effective.
  • 1 Each Lenon's Raccoon Super All Call - Raccoon Lure / Scent 1 oz Jar We guarantee no raccoon will pass this extraordinary lure! A premium, thick paste blend of the raccoon’s favorite foods loaded with sweet smelling musk, powerful essential oils, and secret ingredients that bring them in on the run! Positive action assured at both dry land and water sets. Customers report amazing results with this great raccoon lure / scent!