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Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants Book 282 Pages by Bradford Angier

Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants Book 282 Pages by Bradford Angier

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Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants Book 282 Pages by Bradford Angier and Revisions by David K. Foster

Essential information on each plant's characteristics, distribution, and edibility as well as updated taxonomy and 18 new species. 

How to find, prepare, and eat plants growing in the wild

This illustrated guide to North American wild edibles has been a nature classic for over thirty years. In this new edition, David K. Foster revises Bradford Angier's invaluable foraging handbook, updating the taxonomy and adding more than a dozen species. Scientific information for a general audience and full-color illustrations combine with intriguing accounts of the plants' uses, making this a practical guide for modern-day foragers.

First-ever revision of a classic guidebook

Acorn Fireweed Mountain Sorrel Slippery Elm
American Lotus Lilly Fritillary Mulberry Sow Thistle
Arborvitae Glasswort Mustard Spicebush
Arrowhead Grape Nanny Berry Spring Beauty
Barberry Green Amaranth Nettle Spruce
Beach Pea Ground Cherry New Jersey Tea Strawberry
Beech Groundnut Orach Strawberry Spinach
Birch Hackberry Ostrich Fern Sumac
Bitterwood Hawthorn Papaw Sunflower
Black Walnut Hazelnut Partridgeberry Sweet Fern
Blueberry Hickory Pasture Brake Sweet Flag
Buffalo Berry Highbush Cranberry Persimmon Thistle
Bugleweed Horseradish Pin Cherry Troothwort
Bunchberry Indian Cucumber Root Pinelike Trees Violet
Burdock Irish Moss Plantain Water Cress
Butternut Jack-in-the-Pulpit Pokeweed Wild Apple
Cattail Jerusalem Artichoke Poplar Wild Cherry
Chestnut Juniper Prairie Turnip Wild Coffee
Chia Kelp Pricky Lettuce Wild Cucumber
Chicory Kentucky Coffee Tree Prickly Pear Wild Ginger
Chokecherry Kinnikinic Purslane Wild Lettuce
Chufa Knotweed Raspberry & Blackberry Wild Onion
Clover Labrador Tea Rock Tripe Wild Plum
Common Chickweek Lamb's Quarter Rose Wild Rice
Cow Parsnip Laver Rose Root Wild Rice
Cowslip Lettuce Saxifrage Rum Cherry Willow
Cranberry Live-Forever Salsify Wintercress
Currant Maple Sassafras Wintergreen
Dandelion May Apple Scurvy Grass Woodbine
Dock Milkweed Service Berry Wood Sorrel
Dulse Miners Lettuce Shepherd's Purse Yaupon
Elderberry Mint Skunk Cabbage   Yellow Water Lilly
Evening Primrose Mountain Ash         
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