Lenon Lures Fox Kit - Includes Lure, Bait and Herb Lenon Classic Trapping Dvd

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Lenon Fox Lure - 4 oz Lures, 8 oz. Baits and Classic Herb Lenon Trapping Dvd

This kit has everything you will need to trap red and grey fox  throughout the year or for years to come. 

$110 Value that comes with Free shipping! You  save over $30

This Value Kit includes the following:

(1)  Lenon's Fox Super All Call Lure - 4oz Jar

(1)  Lenon's Fox Super Range All Call Lure - 4 oz Jar

(1)  Lenon's Fox Nature Call - 4oz Bottle

(1)  Lenon's Beaver Meat Bait for Fox and Coyote Trapping - 8 oz Jar

(1)  Herbert Lenon Classic Trapping Dvd - Originally film with 8mm in 1930's  transferred to DVD format - A truly  amazing trapping video.

ORIGINAL LURES . . . Herb Lenon, a  pioneer lure developer, always originated, never imitated, new lure formulas. This  assures you of quality lures and distinctly different odors that produce maximum  trap line results. Lenon's are lures you can count on! 

GUARANTEED RESULTS. . . 1000s of  trappers across North America have used this system to proven results of fox trapping.