Lenon Lures Trappers Bait Package #2 8 oz Jar of Shellfish Bait, Winter Muskrat Bait & Fresh Muskrat Bait

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  • Three 8 oz Jars of Effective Lenon Lures Trapping Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Mink, Fisher, Marten, Weasel and Raccoon Trapping Bait.
  • 1 Each Lenon's Shellfish Paste Bait 8 oz Jar Mink, Otter, Raccoon, & Canines can not resist this Shellfish Paste Bait. Preserved fresh fish with lots of quality shellfish oil.  This pleasant smelling odor last for a long time at the set.   Added blend of essential oils..
  • 1 Each Lenon's Fresh Preserved Muskrat Meat Bait 8 oz Jar Especially for trapping Weasel, Mink & Otter.  Our process for putting up this bait will keep the bait smelling fresh when Mr. Mink or Weasel visits your set.  The odor of fresh muskrat meat is attractive to all canine furbearing animals.  This bait contains odors not to be found in any other other bait on the market.  

  • 1 Each Lenon's Winter Muskrat Meat Trapping Bait 8 oz. Jar has the perfect taint for late fall and winter traplines.  Extremely effective for all predators formulated for extreme cold temperatures with powerful calling ingredients added.  Great for trapping marten, fisher, fox, coyote, and bobcat.  

  • Lenon Lures has been proudly serving trappers since 1924

12-10-2023 Thank you Jon Smith of Virginia for sending in some catches using our Lenon's Baits.  

Yote in a coyote field while using Lenon Lures Bait