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Lenon's Beaver Meat Fox & Coyote Bait Available 8 oz to Gallon Size

Lenon's Beaver Meat Fox & Coyote Bait Available 8 oz to Gallon Size

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Lenon Lures® Beaver Meat Fox & Coyote Bait 8 oz. Jar, Pint, 22 oz. Jar, Quart, 1/2 Gallon or Gallon

The best stuff on the market.

Extremely effective for all predators, coyote, red and grey fox, raccoon and bobcat.  Perfectly tainted beaver meat with an added blend of essential oils and special musk.  Limited supply every season and only available at

2020 with Covid and all the other things happening have been a tough year.  This young trapper and proud Dad from NE - sent and called me with these nice photos help brighten my year a bit.  Congrats and thank you for sharing ...

"This is my son's first ever coyote he is 10 and with the bait we got from you... Very awesome bait he was excited to say the least thank you a very proud dad.. Ryan Renner Ericson NE"

Love it when young trappers have their first success with Lenon Lures products.  2020 December  this proud Dad showed the success they had with a Bobcat.  Thank for sending your photos in to share with our fellow trappers Mr. Renner. 


That is one big dirt hole.  Word is getting out on the traplines across America that Lenon's Beaver Meat Bait puts smiles on trappers faces and fur on their stretchers.



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