Trappers Favorite 3 Lenon Lures Fox, Coyote & Bobcat Lures Powerful Stuff 1 oz Jars

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  • Pack includes 1 each of the following Lenon Lures 1 oz Lures
  • 1 oz. Lenon's Fox #3 Natures Call - Lure / Scent A premium mixture of Red Fox glands and enhanced female secretions are liquefied into a remarkable natural type lure. All natural passion and curiosity ingredients are added to really bring fox into the set! Developed for maximum results in any season at a flat, blind or scent post set. This lure will also add enormous appeal at dirt hole sets when used in combination with your favorite bait. This is a distinctly different odor that attracts fox
  • 1 oz LENON'S COYOTE #1 - SUPER RANGE ALL CALL - COYOTE LURE / SCENT Many years of long line professional trapping experience perfected this well aged, long lasting, thick paste lure that gets the coyote every time! Coyote glands, exotic musk, and multiple premium ingredients appeal to all known calls of the coyote; hunger, sex, curiosity, and nature. Both Coyote and Wolf will always respond to this exceptional lure! Maximum action guaranteed at any type set in any locality. Our best selling coyote lur
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