Collection: DVD's & Books

Featuring Herbert Lenon's Classic Trapping Dvd filmed in late 1930's.  Likely the first trapping film ever produced.

John Chagnon carries on the Lenon's Legacy making all of the original Lenon's Lures and is a full time trapper and lure maker.  John Chagnon Canine Trapping Dvd, Water Trapping Dvd and Fur Handling Dvd.

Herbert Lenon wrote 4 trapping books in the 1930's and 1940's all of which can be viewed and enjoyed for FREE.   We hope you enjoy the classic trapping methods perfected by Herb Lenon.

Book 1: The Secrets of Successful Trapping by Herbert Lenon Wolf, Coyote, Fox, and Bobcat Trapping Book 

Book 2: Beaver and Otter Trapping by Herbert Lenon Book

Book 3: Mink and Muskrat Trapping by Herbert Lenon Book

Book 4: Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk and Weasel Trapping Book