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Coyote Trapping East & West by Bud Boda

When you are finished with this book, you will understand the coyote like never before. 

The location chapter is worth the price and will put you within three feet of every coyote in the area. 
64 pgs.

Coyote Trapping East & West Trapping Book by Bud Boda

Land Trappers Trouble Shooting Book by Bud Boda

Land Trappers Trouble Shooting Book by Bud Boda

A guide dealing with the obvious and not quite so obvious problems. 
Contains 46 chapters covering dig outs, sprung traps, pan tension, trap placement, weather factors, etc. 
87 pages.


Canine Trapper Encyclopedia by John Crawford

The newest authority on canine trapping. This book covers red fox, grey fox, coyote and wolf in an easy to read, down to earth fashion. With over 30 years of experience, John W. Crawford explains every aspect of canine trapping, covering all topics in this book. This 310 page book features over 200 pictures and covers in detail: Red Fox, Grey Fox, Coyote and Wolf Sets and Traps Locations, Road Trapping and Gang Setting Freeze Proofing and Snow Sets The Hay Set Iowa Fox Studies Cold Rolling Lures and Baits Canine Trapping Essentials Interviews with Top Wolf Trappers And much, much, more

John Crawford Canine Trapper Encyclopedia Book trap fox, coyote and bobcat

The Dirt Hole and it's Variations by Charles Dobbins

The Dirt Hole and It's Variations by Charles Dobbins

 This 72-page book by Charles Dobbins shows different types of dirt holes. Don't show them the same thing everyone else does! Learn these sets and keep the canines interested.

Variations of the Flat Set by Charles Dobbins

This 78-page book by Charles Dobbins tells how to make the sets that will take the canines that are "hole shy." Explains a dozen and a half sets to take fox, bobcat, raccoon, coyotes and others.

 Supreme Fox and Coyote Trapping Trapping by Stanley Hawbaker

Hawbaker's Supreme by Stanley Hawbaker. The last word in trapping the canine family. Paperback.

Supreme Fox and Coyote Trapping Method Book by Stanley Hawbaker

Eastern Coyote Trapping by Austin Passamonte

Eastern Coyote Trapping by Austin Passamonte

 This book covers the eastern coyote in complete detail. Learn how to understand, predict, locate and trap them with success. Cuts through the myths and the hype surrounding our most misunderstood furbearer today. 80 pages. 

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