Sam Wood Lenon Lure Catches 2016

Sam Wood Shows Some Nice Catches Using Lenon Lures Season 2016

Sam Wood was taught how to trap by an avid Lenon Lures Customer many years ago. Sam was nice enough to send me many photos of his catch so far in 2016 using his favorite Lenon Lures.  Thank you Sam Wood and your trapping friend Justin, you guys look like your having a lot of fun.  Sam Wood also has a great outdoor channel on Youtube and Facebook in addition to great videos on how to trap, he is an outdoors person of many interest.  If you haven't watched his videos before you are in for a treat.

Sam Woods Youtube Channel 

Sam Wood with a Nice Wisconsin Red Fox caught on Lenon Lures 2016 Season

Nice Wisconsin Red Fox December 2016 

Sam Wood and Justin Show Us How to Catch a few beaver with Lenon's Super All Call Beaver Lure

Sam shows us how to call in Big Wisconsin Beaver with Lenon's Beaver Super All Call

Sam Wood with his first catch using Lenon Lures made and bottled by John S. Chagnon

I believe Mr. Wood caught these two nice Wisconsin Coyote with Lenon's Super Range All Call the first time he bought lure from me this year 2016.


Way to go Sam and Justin...

Word on the trapline is Sam Wood catches big beaver.

Sam Wood, Justin and Mr. Raccoon pose for the camera

A Raccoon Super All Call Moment.

A Coyote Super Range All Call Memory.

Sam Wood with a very nice White Mink and fat Muskrat that liked Lenon Super All Call Muskrat Lure.  Sam tells me has caught several in Wisconsin "White Mink" .

Thank you guys again for sharing.... 

Check out Sam Wood Videos at:

Sam Woods Youtube Channel 

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