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Complete Book of Wild Boar Hunting: Tips And Tactics That Will Work Anywhere Hardcover

Complete Book of Wild Boar Hunting: Tips And Tactics That Will Work Anywhere Hardcover

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Complete Book of Wild Boar Hunting: Tips And Tactics That Will Work Anywhere Hardcover 

Hardcover 216 Pages

For the passionate hog hunter-and that includes just about everyone who's ever chased down a wild boar-here is the complete guide to its methods, techniques, and, last but certainly not least, how to prepare what might be some of the best-tasting wild game available.

Starting with the plain excitement of the hog hunt, longtime boar hunter Triplett goes on to detail the history of the wild hog, and hog hunting.

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF WILD BOAR HUNTING includes important tips on: .

hunting methods . finding and understanding hog sign . equipment needed for hog hunting, including archery, muzzleloading, and modern rifle equipment . hog hunting year-round . southern hogs . western hogs, including the bounteous hog opportunities in California . preserve hogs . hog hunting worldwide . the javelina, the little hog of the Southwest . warthog, the thrill of the African hunt . wild hog recipes

With knowledge gained from a lifetime hunting the wild hogs, THE COMPLETE BOOK OF WILD BOAR HUNTING is an unsurpassed introduction to a fascinating sport.


1 The Wild Boar

2 Hunting Methods

3 Finding and Interpreting Sign

4 Equipment

5 Year Round Hunting

6 Southern Hogs

7 Western Hogs

8 Preserve Hunting

9 Hunting Hogs Around the World

10 Javelina

11 Warthogs

12 From the Field to Table

13 Trophy Preparation

14 Tips for Successful Hunting

Appendix: Finding Places to Hunti Wild Boar


If you've ever complained that hunting season doesn't last long enough, you'll love wild boar.  From dangerous close-up shots behind dogs to quiet stalks in the deep woods, hunting the wild hog provides some ot the most thrilling action anywhere.  And because the wild boar is an introduced species that often wreaks havoc on native habitat, most state game agencies encourage hunters to take these adaptable creatures.  For the hunter, that means nearly unlimited opportunities year-round across North America.  In this complete guide, veteran boar hunter Todd Triplet details everything you need to know to take these tasty game animals, including:

 * Distribution

 * Scouting for prime habitat, bedding areas, and food sources

 * Interpreting sign like tracks, scat, rubs, and wallows.

 * Hunting over bait, still-hunting, and hunting with hounds.

 * Special considerations for hunting in the off season

 * Pursuing wild boar across North America and around the world 

* Hunting javelina, the wild boar's distant relative in the southwest

  • Chasing the warthog in Africa, the ultimate in hog hunting
  • Preparing wild boar for the table and the taxidermist
  • And a host of tips for a successful hunt



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