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Kit with Two Hide Fleshing Tools

Kit with Two Hide Fleshing Tools

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One Each of Small Pelt Flesher / Scraper and One Handled Fleshing Tool 

Small Pelt Flesher / Scraper. This tool works great for small hides. Has a rounded scraper on each end, one small and one large. This was originally made for scraping hog hides, but really works on muskrats. Wood handle.  Great for pushing, cutting, and detailing membrane, fat, and gristle from animal pelts.

Overall length is 5 Inch, Rounded Plate 2.5 Inch and Large Plate 3.5 Inch

One Handled Fleshing Tool 

This tool has 4 cutting edges which can be sharpened differently for all hides. 2"x3" blade and total length of 8". Will pay for itself many times over by allowing you to properly flesh your skins.

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