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Lenon's Whitetail Doe in Heat Urine

Lenon's Whitetail Doe in Heat Urine

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Lenon's Whitetail Doe in Heat Urine

Natures Proven Buck Attractant.  Lenon’s is the finest doe estrous deer urine available.  Use during the pre-rut and rut season.

Nice 10 Pointer by Kentucky Hunter 2023 using Lenon's Doe in Heat Urine.  Thank you for sharing Joshua!  Testimonials come in daily during hunting season on all Lenon Products.

Above pic. Roman Witmer tells you how to get it done.  Thank you for sharing Roman a  truly beautiful whitetail buck. 

Lenon doe in heat works great!!!! Got in my stand at 4:17 pm on 11/17 .. kinda late but some ppl gotta work! Took a drag made a trail to my stand soaked it again and left it hang. Half way up the ladder 2 doe bust me on left side i look right there stands a 6 pnt lookn at me... Not a good start!! Then nothing till 5:40 had a buck come in behind me so i grunted rattled lightly and snort wheezed twice and from a scenario 2 yrs ago i remembered to watch my backside and this guy was coming in on a string down wind from me he stopped at 30 yrds and ravin 29x did its job once again  3 min after he went down had 4 doe come out and smoked one of them to!! it was by far one of my better nites hunting and i think lenons doe in heat had everything to do with it!!!😁

Trusted by Hunters Everywhere Since 1924!

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