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Lenon's Otter Super All Call - Otter Lure / Scent - Several appealing ingredients

Lenon's Otter Super All Call - Otter Lure / Scent - Several appealing ingredients

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Available in 1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. Pint Jars

Several appealing ingredients make this the finest otter lure available! This thick paste formula has proven most effective in test after test. See the results this season! 

Nice River Otter Michigan 2-3-2023


At hole or pocket set use quantity size of a large red bean down in hole, same quantity on outside upper lip of hole.  At “Post” sets use same quantity.  For Trapshy one make two natural sets a few feet apart, use double the amount half way between them.   Not for human consumption.

Beaver and Otter Trapping by Herbert Lenon

Made Only by: John S. Chagnon & Family “Serving Trappers Since 1924”

Otter "All Call" Set by Herbert Lenon

Nice otter trapped by John Chagnon 

The big difficulty to overcome in otter trapping is to make one's sets to overcome the otters swimming with its front feet folded, rear feet extended back and out:  Here is a set that overcomes this.

After locating where otter frequent an area, located a place where the water is ten iches deep, and bank is at least two feet high.  Dig a hole six inches in diameter, 15 inches deep in the bank 18 inches above the water.

Set the trap, very well covered m, one foot out from bank, directly below the hole, bot out one foot from the bank.

Now place Lenon's Otter Super All Cal Lure / Scent, quantity size of a large bean, on a twig or chip, place it a foot back in the hole, place the same quantity on another twig or chip and pin it to the bank six inches above the hole: If bait is desired, fresh fish or a fresh shrimp is best, place it back in very back end of the hole.

When otter investigate the hole and scent, the water is deep enough that trap is not sprung by the otter's body; as it places its front feet on the bank to peek into the hole it will drop its rear feet to the bottom and in the trap.

Compliments of Herbert Lenon, Founder of Lenon Lures

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