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Stand Hunting for Whitetails Book by Richard P. Smith 256 Pages

Stand Hunting for Whitetails Book by Richard P. Smith 256 Pages

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The complete guide to hunting deer from tree stands.

256 Pages

SIMPLY PUT, stand hunting is one of the most popular and effective methods of hunting deer, and it's increasingly, important for the whitetail hunter to know the technique involved.  This thorough, practical book explains which situations are most appropriate for stand hunting, and when it's better to leave the stand at home.  In addition to covering the ethics and legalities of bait hunting, it also describes in detail which weapons and ammunition are best suited for tree stands, how to avoid being detected by deer on the ground, how to make the best shot possible when the time arrives, and everything else you need to know to improve your stand hunting.

Richard P. Smith is an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer living in Marquette, Michigan, who has been deer hunting for almost 40 years.  His writing and photography regularly appear i magazines such as Deer and Deer Hunting and American Hunter.  He is the author of numerous books including Deer Hunting, Third Edition.

Table of Contents



Why Hunt from a Stand / Blind?

Selecting Stand Sites

When Tree Stands Don't Stack Up

Tree Stand Options

How High to Go

Tree Stand Safety

Stand / Blind Preparation

The Well-Dressed Stand Hunter

Gons, Bows, Bullets and Broadheads

Scent Control

Sights and Sounds

How to Wait for Whitetails

When to Hunt

Mobile Stand Hunting

Hunting in the Rain

Bait Hunting

The Hofmann Buck

The Importance of Antlerless Harvest

Celebrity Deer Hunt


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