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Lenon's Fox Super All Call - Lure / Scent Both Red Fox and Gray Fox will always investigate

Lenon's Fox Super All Call - Lure / Scent Both Red Fox and Gray Fox will always investigate

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Available in 1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. Pint Jars

This well aged, red fox gland and exotic musk formula has been a customer favorite and best selling lure since the 1920’s. Twelve alluring ingredients are blended into a long lasting, thick paste lure that appeals to all known calls of the fox; hunger, sex, curiosity and nature. Both Red Fox and Gray Fox will always investigate this unique odor! Positive action and results are guaranteed at any type set! Customers say “this is the best fox lure ever made!”


At hole or pocket set use quantity size of a large red bean down in hole, same quantity on outside upper lip of hole.  At “Post” sets use same quantity.  For Trapshy one make two natural sets a few feet apart, use double the amount half way between them.   Not for human consumption.

Made Only by: John S. Chagnon & Family “Serving Trappers Since 1924”

Red or Grey Fox "All Call" Set by Herbert Lenon

In many areas animals have become wary of the much used dirt hole set, so here is my favorite set for "All Call".

Locate a spot of sand, moss or thoroughly rotted wood very near where the animal passes, and up wind from their passing where the approach to set is over level, smooth ground and where they have good visibility of the surroundings; no heavy cover back of set.

Kneel on your kneeling cloth, dig or chop out the trap bed no larger than necessary to bed the trap, have trap bedded a half inch below level of surroundings; make no more disturbance, than necessary.  Now cover trap carefully, leaving as little sign as possible. Then 8 inches back of trap, (up wind) dig a tiny hole one inch in diameter, four inches deep, flip just a bit of earth from the hole out over the trap to finish the set, make it look just like a mouse or small gopher dug the hole and kicked back a bit of earth.

Place Lenon's Super "All Call" Fox Lure / Scent, quantity size of a large bean is right, down in the hole; place same quantity on chip or leaf a foot back of the hole.  Small twigs, pieces of bark, stones or whatever looks perfectly natural may be used as guides, one just clear of each jaw.  When completed it should look exactly like a small animal had dug a den or dug out a small bit of food.

Compliments of Herbert Lenon, Founder of Lenon Lures.

Greg from Michigan shared this amazing nice catch of three Red Fox at one location on one check using a different Lenon Red Fox Lure at each set.  Great job Greg and thank for showing you have to set three traps to catch three fox Fall 2017.


You can see all three of Greg's Red Fox in the picture below.  Those kinds of trap checks get the blood flowing. 


Thank You For Sharing Michael, Michael caught his first canines with Lenon Animal Lures in 2012 and he continues to have success every year with his favorite go to Lure Lenon's Fox Super All Call Lure.  No Red Fox, Grey Fox, Bobcat or Coyote will refuse.

MO Trapper Michael Caught his First Canines Using Lenon Fox Super All Call

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Lenon Lures 100 Year Anniversary Established in 1924 Hats, T Shirts (with front pocket) and Hooded Sweat Shirts and Hats.

 Thank you for using Lenon Lures! 

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