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Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Super All Call Lure / Scent

Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Super All Call Lure / Scent

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Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Super All Call Lure / Scent

Available Sizes 1 oz, 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. Pint Jars

This Skunk and Opossum lure is back on the market with the help of Asa Lenon and finding the original recipe card.  The ingredients that were originally used were all still available today and we know our customers are going to enjoy this powerful Skunk attracting lure.  One of the Skunk and Opossum favorite food items is the lure base, a powerful curiosity ingredient blended with the just the right amount of pure skunk quill make for a lure no skunk or opossum will pass.   Also extremely effective on Badger.

Nuisance control operators or home owners trying to lure a Skunk or Opossum into a live trap look no further for a better attractant.

Group of young trappers from Minnesota that put Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Lure to good use.  The musk from those skunks was added to a batch of lure that will hit the market in 2023.  

Instructions for Using Lenon's Skunk and Opossum Super All Call Lure / Scent:

At hole or cubby sets use an amount of lure the size of a large red bean at the hole's bottom or cubby's backside and smear the same amount on the upper inside rim of hole or cubby.  Double the amount of lure in extremely cold or rainy weather.

Made Only by: John S. Chagnon and Family

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