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Lenon's Raccoon Sweet & Sticky Fish Paste Bait

Lenon's Raccoon Sweet & Sticky Fish Paste Bait

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Lenon's Raccoon Sweet & Sticky Fish Paste Bait Jar

At dirthole or pocket sets use tablespoon of  bait down inside of hole.  Double the amount of bait used when trapping in extreme cold or in areas with poor set visibility.  Perfect bait for alluring a raccoon into a live cage trap or to get Mr. Ring Tail to committing to pulling the trigger in a dog proof raccoon trap.  Deadly when used in conjunction with Lenon's Raccoon Super All Call Lure.  Not for human consumption.  Large Pint Size.

Ground fresh fish base is made from two Great Lakes fresh water fish species.  Blended with several alluring scents that Raccoon will not resist.  The sticky fish base withstands harsh weather.  Very freeze resistant and preserved properly so it will remain fresh smelling.

Nice Raccoon caught by Dakota from Michigan 2017 Trapped Lenon's

Nice Michigan Raccoon caught by Dakota of Michigan 2017

Made Only by: John & Sheri Chagnon & Family “Serving Trappers Since 1924”

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