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Lenon's Bobcat Nature's Call - Lure / Scent

Lenon's Bobcat Nature's Call - Lure / Scent

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Lenon's Bobcat Nature's Call - Lure / Scent 

Available in 1 oz Bottle to 16 oz Bottle Size

This popular liquid type urine - gland - passion scent with a touch of genuine catnip really holds a cat's attention.  A Deadly grey fox lure too!

Suggested Instruction for catching Bobcat with Lenon's Bobcat Nature's Call - Lure / Scent:

At scent post or flat sets, sprinkle 20 drops on a clump of grass, tiny stump or tree, in hollow knots or any projection that is visibly outstanding in an open area.  Use 30 drops in rainy or sub zero weather.  Using tiny bottles or wooden plugs as lure holders protects the lure form the weather.  Not for human consumption.

Lenon Lure works great in Live Cage Traps as Mark shows us...

2/11/2018 Mark from Colorado - Had the lure out for less than 24 hours. I don’t run a lot of traps, but I’ll be buying from you as long as I’m trapping. The most effective stuff I’ve used. 

Bobcat caught in Live Trap with Lenon Bobcat Nature Call Lure

John Chagnon showing the result of his favorite lure.  In 2000 John Chagnon and Haleigh Chagnon were on the front cover of The American Trapper Magazine with a very nice UP Bobcat, the photo was sent in by Maria Lenon.


Herb Lenon Mid 1950's with Bobcat, Coyote and Wolf.  2017 will Lenon's Lure will reintroduce Lenon's Wolf Nature's Call after being off the Market for more than 50 Years.  Asa Lenon and John Chagnon found the original recipe cards Herb Lenon hand wrote many years ago.


Made with pride by John Chagnon using old family secret formulas and techniques created by Asa and Herb Lenon.  "Serving Trappers Since 1924"

Real Nice Cat Pic Sent by Customer Flat Set 2021

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