Lenon's Fisher Super All Call – Fisher Lure / Scent Available in 1 oz. or 4 oz. Jar

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Lenon's Fisher Super All Call – Fisher Lure / Scent

A weather resistant, thick paste lure containing pure skunk musk and other strong calling ingredients to reach out long distance. A fisher lure our customers compliment!

Instructions for using Lenon's Fisher Super All Call Lure -  At dirthole sets use quantity of lure the size of a large bean down inside of hole with the same quantity smeared on upper inside rim of the hole. Double the amount of lure used when trapping in extreme cold or in areas with poor set visibility. And / or unsure of exact set location. Not for human consumption.

Lenon's Animal Lures have been a trapping tradition since 1924 and are bottled by John S. Chagnon of Michigan. John has become the proud new owner of the original Lenon Animal Lure Formulas, which were previously made by Asa Lenon, son of Herb Lenon.  Please take the time to follow the links below to learn more about Lenon Animal Lures.

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1 oz. Lure (Mix or Match Any 1 oz. Lenon Lure)

1 - 11 Jars Lure $6.00 Each, 12 or More Jars Lure $5.00 Each

4 oz. Lure (Mix or Match Any 4 oz. Lenon Lure)

1 - 3 Jars Lure $17.00 Each, 4 - 11 Jars Lure $15.00 Each or 12 or more Jars $12.50 Each

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The discounts equal the same prices that Asa Lenon had in his brochure in 2015 Season.

1 oz. Size .... $6.00, Any 12 / $60.00

4 oz. Size .... $17.00, Any 4 / $60.00, Any 12 / $150.00

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