Lenon's Fox Super Range All Call - Lure / Scent - A very powerful lure to call in both Red Fox and Gray Fox from long distance!

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LENON'S FOX - SUPER RANGE ALL CALL - LURE / SCENT GREAT FOR BOTH RED & GRAY FOX - Available in Glass 1 oz. Jars or Glass 4 oz. Jars

A very powerful lure to call in both Red Fox and Gray Fox from long distance! Same thick paste formula as Fox #1, except skunk musk and other potent ingredients are added to ensure maximum calling power when needed. This lure is recommended for inexperienced trappers who have not perfected set location…for anyone trapping in areas where good set visibility is lacking…and for more calling power in very cold weather. This potent lure really calls them in! 


At dirt hole sets use quantity of lure the size of a large bean down inside of hole with the same quantity smeared on upper inside rim of the  hole.  Double the amount of lure used when trapping in extreme cold or in areas with poor set visibility.  And / or unsure of exact set location.   Not for human consumption.

Made Only by: John S. Chagnon & Family

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Red or Grey Fox "Long Distance Call" Set by Herbert Lenon

After locating a place where the animals visit or pass regularly, look it over carefully and select a spot or spots for the set or sets that are up wind, and where the set when completed will be clearly visible.

Set should be made where it is mossy or in short grass that will not grow tall and conceal the set, it should be in open area, approach to set should be over level ground free of rustling leaves or tall weeds or ferns.

When spot is selected kneel on your kneeling pad, dig your trap bed deep enough so when trap is set and covered on half inch it will be one inch below level of surroundings, bed trap solidly, cover with most mellow soil.

Now just back of trap, somewhat to left of center line, dig a hole at a 45 degree angle, 4 inches across, 8 inches deep, pull the earth out, and build a small ridge ten inches long, two inches high just clear of each trap jaw.

Place Lenon's Fox Super Range All Call Lure / Scent on a twig or chip, use quantity size of a large bean, put it well down into the hole, then rub the same quantity of scent on grass, or on a chip or twig and place it just back of and outside the hole.  

Trap pan should be about 7 inches from mouth of the hole.

-- Completments of Herbert Lenon, Founder of Lenon Lures