Lenon's Mink Nature's Call - Lure / Scent Choice Mink Glands and Female Mink Secretions

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Lenon's Mink Nature's Call - Lure / Scent Available in 1 oz. or 4 oz. Glass Jars

The most attractive lure of its type ever sold!  A supreme liquefied lure blended with choice mink glands and female secretions, rare expensive musk, and select ingredients that really attract Mink or Otter into set. May be used alone or with bait.  Choice of many long time professionals!

Herb Lenon perfected Mink Nature's Call Lure many years ago.  Lenon's Mink Nature's Call remains one of best selling lures today.


Suggested Instruction for catching Mink with Lenon's Mink Nature's Call - Lure / Scent:

At water sets, use 10 drops over bait and back of trap.  At dry land sets use 5 drops on bait and 5 drops over trap.  When used without bait use 10 drops on a lure holder and place back of trap.  Always use fresh bait when trapping for Mink.  Not for human consumption.

Made with pride by John Chagnon using old family secret formulas and techniques created by Asa and Herb Lenon.  "Serving Trappers Since 1924"

Mink "Natures' Call" Set by Herbert Lenon

This scent is primarily made for use with your favorite bait, and for trappers desiring a liquid, natural "Sex" scent.

After locating where mink frequent or pass by, find a hollow log with a hole six or more inches in diameter, or a high water muskrat hole or den, or in winter anywhere  the set will be protected from freezing snow and sleet.

Now place a teaspoon of Lenon's treated mink bait, or small piece of your favorite bait a foot inside the log or hole, next sprinkle five to ten drops down near the bait if a wet set, if a dry set sprinkle 5 drops near bait, 2 to 5 drops over trap.

If trap must be protected from snow and sleet, set it just inside the log or hole, if early fall, set trap just outside the hollow log, or hole, being careful to cover the trap lightly but very carefully, for mink have very sharp eyes, and are very suspicious of any strange object, also be sure the trap is bedded level, not so set as to cause a small hump.

Dry rotted wood from the log, find dry needles, grass cut into very short length with a shears, or sand or peat frozen dry in severe winter weather make good trap cover.

When all is completed scatter a few small feathers, duck or grouse feathers are best over trap and back of it for added attraction.

Complements of Herbert Lenon Founder of Lenon Lures 

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